As a freight forwarder PT. Oceanair Indonesia provides air freight services to and from origins around the world for those urgent importand exportshipments to and from the Republic of Indonesia that require expedited service.
Shipping via air greatly reduces shipping time, generally results in superior condition of goods upon arrival, allows for greater inventory control for just in time manufacturing and stocking, and for certain commodities, lower shipping costs. PT. Oceanair Indonesia provides air freight services worldwide for shipments that need an expedited timeline. When time is of the highest priority, you want our network of service partners and agents around the world, handling your urgent shipments.
A core element of Oceanair service is the ability to move freight by air at any time and to any destination. Customers can benefit from our excellence infrastructure, resources and experience, delivering reliable and cost-effective movement of goods. This is underpinned by our ability to maintain control and visibility of shipments from origins to final destinations. Our global information system tracks all freight and offer easy access to shipment visibility and management reports.
Whether your requirement is for the movement of a single shipment or a complex freight management program, Oceanair provides a flexible approach and a personalized service designed to support all levels of business.

Our global air freight network offers you door-to-door delivery anywhere in the world.
Flexible air service options to meet individual customer needs.
Substantial buying power and space commitments with the world's key airlines ensures reliable service and competitive rates.
We are able to secure the capacity you need, where you need it and when you need it.
Our non-asset-based operating style means that we don't have our own aircraft to fill, which provides us with unrestricted access to virtually unlimited capacity.
Rigorous performance monitoring and management for optimum service quality.
Customs management expertise and up-to-date local conditions insights means accurate documentation and the speedy movement of goods.
Sophisticated IT systems provide accurate, timely shipment and inventory tracking and visibility.

Actual Vs. Dimensional Weight
Historically shipping costs have been calculated based on the gross weight or actual weight in kilograms or pounds. However, by charging only by weight, low density packages become unprofitable for freight carriers due to the amount of space they take up in an aircraft. For example, if a carrier charged the same for shipping a pound of feathers as they do for a pound of produce it would be unprofitable.
If a shipment is less than the minimum density of the industry standard, then the actual weight is not relevant and the freight carrier will charge based on dimensional weight. Dimensional Weight is calculated as length x width x height / dimensional factor. Dimensional weight is also known as DIM weight, volumetric weight and cubed weight.

Domestic Air Cargo
Domestic air freightis key to any domestic logistics operation. Air shipping is the preferred solution for urgent and time critical shipments within the Republic of Indonesia.

Air Freight Products
Oceanair provides a responsive service, offering flight flexibility and a range of service levels designed to meet individual needs:

• Priority
Priority is ideal for high value or time-critical shipments. Shipments of this nature benefit from a high profile service and move on the next direct flight or fastest available connection. Speed is maintained with immediate recovery of freight and rapid customs clearance on arrival.
• Standard
Our standard service provides an economical, timely option. Most destinations are served at least twice a week with the major centres serves daily
• Economy
To minimize costs, less critical shipment can move air/sea, sea/air, or on deferred basis whilst close management by Oceanair ensures a reliable, efficient service.

Air Plus
We offer the following extra services in addition to our air freight products: Air Plus!
Because certain shipments require special handling and treatment, or the use of specialised equipment in order to comply with your shipment instruction and legal requirements, we provide some extra services to cover almost all eventualities.
It is called Air Plus! It can be added to any of our standard air freight products and tailored to suit every requirement.
Options include:
• High Value Cargo Handling (HVC)
• Dangerous Goods Handling (DGR)
• Shock Sensitive Cargo Handling
• Temperature Controlled Transportation
• Cargo Insurance
• Letter of Credit Processing (LC)
• Certification and Legalisation of Documents
• Badan POM Administration Filing (POM)

Worldwide ad-hoc air charter services
Worldwide hand carry services (On-Board Courier)
Helicopter chartering
Tailor-made combinations using various transport modes
Operation and loading supervision

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